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Owner FAQ

Are taxes withheld?
No. It is your responsibility as the owner to claim any rental proceeds on your taxes. A 1099 and Profit & Loss will be issued at the end of each year for you.

Can I view my statement and bills on line?
Yes. Please click HERE and log into your account to view your account statements and bills.

Does Vintage Real Estate Servicescharge extra for overseeing maintenance repairs?
No! This is part of our standard service to you, the owner, and is included in our management fees. We do not accept rebates from vendors, nor do we charge fees to tenants to oversee maintenance repairs. 

How can I see a copy of a bill I was charged for?

You may view the invoices on your account by logging in to your account HERE

How do I inquire about renting my home?

You may submit an inquiry by clicking HERE or call the office at 813-684-0001.

How does Vintage Real Estate Services handle emergencies?
A big part of good landlord-tenant relations is availability and a timely response.  Our company provides an on-call person 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.  We have a preferred list of service vendors who will respond promptly to all types of emergencies.

How does Vintage Real Estate Services perform bookkeeping and account reporting?
Vintage Real Estate Services makes full use of automated systems for record keeping and reporting functions through Rent Manager online software.   We send all of our Property Managers a tenant delinquency report daily and generate 3 day notices for the tenant to pay the rent or vacate the property.  Late fees will be applied as of the 2nd day of the month or the day after the rent is due for a particular property.  Owners receive a detailed monthly report for each of their properties which include the rent collected, and maintenance charges.  With our specially designed property management software we are able to promptly provide our Property Manager and Owners with detailed property reports.

How much does Vintage Real Estate Services charge for management services?
We have several services available to fit the needs of any rental owner. Please feel free to contact our main office at 813-684-0001 to have these services and pricing explained.

What are the office hours of Vintage Real Estate Services?
We are open for business from 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays.  After hours and on weekends we always have an emergency contact on call and available.  After hour meetings can be scheduled.

What are your fees?
Please contact the office and speak to a property manager for a full explanation of our fees.

What makes Vintage Real Estate Services different than any other?
Our team is the most well trained staff in the business and they proactively manage their assigned properties.  Additionally they are available to help you gain industry insight.  As an investor, you may also request an analysis of your rental properties, an analysis designed to specifically evaluate your rental portfolio, to create a specific strategic plan, tailored to your objectives and the current real estate market conditions.  You may also choose to have your investment portfolio looked at from a legal perspective.   We can refer our owners to one of the leading law firms that specialize in asset protection.  They can evaluate and/or create corporate entities that may be used to protect your real estate portfolio, reduce potential liability and minimize tax consequences. 

What type of properties does Vintage Real Estate Servicesmanage?
We primarily focus our services in the residential single family, duplex and midsize multi-family properties (a typical range of 8 to 80 units).  This does not exclude our services for providing management to select commercial properties.

When are owner’s distributions sent?
Owner’s initial distributions are processed and sent out by the 15th of each month and every following Friday until the end of the month.

When do I get my statement?
Owner’s statements are processed and sent out by the 15th of each month.

Where is the security deposit held?
Tenant security deposits are held by Vintage Real Estate Services, in a non-interest bearing Florida escrow account on behalf of the tenant. 

Will Vintage Real Estate Services deposit an owner’s checks directly into the bank?
Yes, your monthly rental proceeds can be deposited directly to your account via ACH.

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